Tuesday, November 24

Citizen Leo

Yesterday I went to my friend Leo's oath as an American citizen (many years ago he decided to stay in US with his sweetheart). Right now, I'm starting my own process to green card and -hopefully- citizenship, and it's going to be a long one. In any case, I feel very grateful that at least I have the chance.

Sunday, October 25

Sand and time

Greeting the autumn in the Indiana Dunes, I take a moment during the hiking to just lay down and enjoy the sand and the lake' sight. I will come back during the winter to see how much this landscape changes.

Tuesday, October 13


Following tracks, placing baits, setting up traps, hunting high and low, the quest for a job gives no respite.

Tuesday, October 6


Randolph and Clark, downtown Chicago.

Friday, October 2

Tuesday, September 29

Autumn waters

Living here, whatever has been my mood, economic situation and expectations about the future (or lack of them) along the seasons, I have always found in the sight of Chicago things to admire, things that -most of times- give me new hopes.

Friday, September 25


Right about to start the prescreening of "Paranormal Activity", I am already practicing my scared faces. The last movie that really scared me was "The Blair Witch Project", mostly because I used to spend a lot of time camping, sometimes alone.

Sunday, September 20

Where no man has gone before

After most of my life devoted to learn only the intrincacies of cooking, I have decided to enter into the uncharted waters of baking. The outcome, still inside the oven, is uncertain.

Friday, September 18

Space Invaders!

Ecological spaceships, from some undiscovered and probably well intentioned planet, have landed in Michigan Ave. Hazmat teams, the CIA and the National Guard are expected in any moment.